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Munich gets 'House of Games'

In an interview with GamesMarkt, Digital Minister Fabian Mehring confirms that a House of Games for Bavaria is to be established in Munich. After consulting with players from the industry, "the heart of the Bavarian games scene will beat loudly under one roof".

Pascal Wagner05.02.2024 14:59
Dr. Fabian Mehring
At the Games/Bavaria Christmas party, Minister Mehring (on the controller) gathered input from the games industry. Games/Bavaria

With the change of responsibilities in the Bavarian Ministry of Digitalisation, a fresh breeze is blowing through the Bavarian games industry. Minister of Digital Matters Fabian Mehring has set himself the goal of a strengthened location promotion programme under the slogan "Games as Formula 1 of digitalisation", which most recently meant more budget for Bavaria's new gaming event GG Bavaria.