NightinGames Supports Aesir Interactive in the Development of new Windstorm

The production of Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori is also a great opportunity for indie developer NightinGames from Bayreuth. They are working with Aesir Interactive on the production and are involved in production, game design, tech and art.

Stephan Steininger13.05.2024 10:28
Ein Teil des Teams von NightinGames auf der gamescom 2023, darunter die Gründerinnen Antonia Schmidt und Tanja Zinser
NightinGames founders Antonia Schmidt (left) and Tanja Zinser visited gamescom 2023 with part of the team Picture: NightinGames

Just a few days ago, publisher Mindscape and developer Aesir Interactive announced the production of Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori. Windstorm is known in Germany as 'Ostwind', a franchise that has produced several books, films, magazines and games. With the unveiling of the project, NightinGames from Bayreuth can now reveal their involvement in the project.