IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Implements MR Concept for Meta and Lufthansa

Meta Business Partner has developed a concept for Lufthansa's in-flight entertainment. The programme is based on the Quest 3 Mixed Reality headset and offers passengers a new type of in-flight entertainment experience as part of a six-month test phase on selected flights. The project is a source of pride for Camillo Stark and Markus Oeller.

Marcel Kleffmann15.05.2024 11:12 Implements MR Concept for Meta and Lufthansa
Markus Oeller, co-founder and co-CEO of 1SP Agency. Sven Jakobsen

Meta Business Partner, a subsidiary of 1SP Agency Holding, is responsible for the creation of all content and the technical implementation and distribution of the corresponding Quest 3 hardware on selected Lufthansa flights. As part of a six-month test phase, the programme will enable passengers in selected Allegris Business Class Suites to enjoy a new kind of mixed reality entertainment experience on board the aircraft. The project is based on Meta's recently announced Travel Mode for Meta Quest headsets (as reported by GamesMarkt).